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Q: Is Medina Townhomes A Section 8 Property? 
A: No, this is not Section 8 housing.  This project is funded through the Section 42 Affordable Housing Tax Credit Program. Different from Section 8, that means residents are responsible for paying 100% of their rent. Under the Section 42 program, townhome units will only be rented to families making less than 60% of the area median income, adjusted for family size. For this specific property a family of four cannot make more than approximately $50,000 per year combined income. Prospective tenant incomes are verified prior to move-in.

Q: How Do I Qualify? 
A: Medina Townhomes participates in an affordable housing program. Household income limits & student status limitations apply. Applicants must meet the following income qualifications:

The household income is based on GROSS annual income (before any deductions) earned from all sources including wages, social security payments, public assistance, pensions, annuities, interest income, dividends, stocks, bonds, insurance settlements, recurring gifts from family/friends, sales of artwork, etc. Third-party verification will be required of all income, and copies of tax returns and pay stubs may be required.
Income Qualifications

Total household income must be under the following limits based on household size:

- 1 Occupant: $44,100
- 2 Occupants: $50,400
- 3 Occupants: $56,700
- 4 Occupants: $62,940
- 5 Occupants: $67,980
- 6 Occupants: $73,020
- 7 Occupants: $78,060
- 8 Occupants: $83,100

Q: What Type Of Townhomes Are Available? 
A: Medina Townhomes offers 2, 3 & 4 bedroom townhomes. Please visit the floorplans page to view floorplan options.

Q: My Income Varies - How Do I Know How Much I Make? 
A: Look at your last six pay stub's gross earnings and add all six up.  Divide by six to figure out how much you make per pay period.  Multiply by the number of pay periods per year.

- Weekly = 52
- Bi-Weekly = 26
- Semi Monthly = 24
- Monthly = 12
You can use our personal worksheet here to help you determine if you qualify and calculate your income.

Q: What Other Items Are Included In Household Income? 
A: Total assets valued at greater than $5,000 have a very small input value added to household income.

Q: Are Any Housing Assistance Programs Accepted? 
A: Yes, section 8 vouchers are accepted.

Q: Are There Occupancy Limitations? 
A: A maximum of 2 occupants per bedroom is permitted. For example, for a 3 bedroom townhome, a maximum of 6 people are allowed to live in the home.

Q: Are Pets Allowed?
A: Yes! Medina Townhomes is a pet-friendly community. Dogs & cats welcome!

- Limit of 2 pets per townhome.
- Pet Deposit: $150 (Refundable) due at time of move in.
- Pet Rent: $25 per month, per pet.

Some breed & other restrictions may apply. Please call for more details.

Q: Is Smoking Permitted? 
A: No, smoking of all types (cigarettes, e-cigarettes, cigars, etc.) will be prohibited.  This will be an entirely smoke-free community.

Q: What Utilities Am I Responsible For?
A: Residents are responsible for gas, electric, telephone, cable, and internet.